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With experienced ISA Certified Arborists on staff to help with all your holistic shrub and tree care needs, Johnny Apple Tree Care provides quality boutique tree service for both residential and commercial markets in the South Denver Metro area and in Gunnison County.  Our unique community centric approach to caring for the Urban Forest at the individual and landscape scale comes from our love of Gaia and our deep connection with nature.   Our perfectionist nature lends itself well to the care we put into tree pruning for both tree health and beauty.   

  Johnny Apple Tree Care specialized in holistic tree care, including Emerald Ash borer (EAB) treatments and tree health consultations.  We can also provide recommendations for shrub and tree plantings that put the right plant in the right site according to each individual landscape and customer's needs.  We are licensed by the Colorado Department of Agriculture to apply pesticides to woody trees and plants in the State of Colorado.  

Johnny Apple Tree Care also provides full service tree care in Gunnison County, including tree planting, tree pruning and tree removal, Fire Mitigation, Plant Heath Care and Pesticide Application.  Whether your home is located in the Wildland urban interface and want to help protect your house from wild fire damage or you are in need more trees and shrubs planted around your property for screening, heating and cooling cost reduction, ecosystem services or more wildlife habitat, Johnny Apple Tree Care has the experience and the professionals to meet your needs. 

Please choose us to care for your shrub and tree service needs.  


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