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Trees positively impact our environment by providing ecosystem services, such as absorbing carbon dioxide and producing the oxygen we breathe. Trees also improve general air quality by filtering toxins and other pollutants, they preserve soil, slow down runoff, provide a more pleasant microclimate, reduce heating costs, and support many diverse bird and wildlife. In addition to these tangible benefits, trees are serene and humble to behold and have a positive effect on people’s well-being, as well as having been observed to reduce crime rates. Planting trees is truly an act of kindness to our planet, our neighbors, ourselves and future generations. 


Johnny Apple Tree Care has ISA Certified Arborists on staff with a decade of experience planting and caring for trees and plants of all sizes. We have staff that have planted trees and shrubs as a part of Colorado’s Forestry and land reclamation process. Tree seedlings were planted in major riparian areas (near rivers and streams) and have helped prevent soil erosion, improved Colorado’s water quality and created habitat for keystone species, such as beavers and other wildlife.  Johnny Apple Tree Care is experienced in the assessment of land that has undergone natural disturbance and our Certified Arborists can design a habitat restoration plan using native species that will help restore the surrounding ecosystems.  We can also help recommend fire resistant landscaping.


We have had the pleasure to plant many trees on personal property for our Gunnison, Crested Butte, and Salida customers and would be happy to help you select the right trees for the site and purpose intended and help you decide where your tree can be planted to mature and grow safely. Our professional plan for planting a new tree will include determining the best time to planting it and maintaining it regularly until it reaches maturity. We can plant both small and large trees and shrubs. We have experience planting pine, spruce, aspen, hackberry, choke cherry and birch trees among others.  


Let us help you plant your beautiful trees! Call or email for a free quote at 970-316-0777 or

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