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Please browse our individual services pages for a complete explanation of our capabilities and our unique approach to caring for the Urban Forest. We have over ten years of experience caring for trees and shrubs including fire mitigation, stump grinding, plant health care, pesticide application, pruning, tree and shrub removal, and tree risk assessment. Our licensed and insured ISA Certified Arborists are standing by to assist you!

Johnny Apple Tree Care specializes in holistic tree care, including Emerald Ash borer (EAB) treatments and tree health consultations.  We are licensed by the Colorado Department of Agriculture to apply pesticides to woody trees and plants in the State of Colorado.  

We are well equipped to provide recommendations for shrub and tree plantings, making sure the right plant is placed in the most beneficial place according to each individual landscape plan and customer need.  If you’d like help protecting your home from wildfire damage or you need more trees and shrubs planted around your property for screening, heating and cooling cost reduction, ecosystem services, or to create more wildlife habitat, Johnny Apple Tree Care has ISA Certified Arborists on staff who are prepared to meet your needs. 

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Johnny Apple Tree Care’s ISA Certified Arborists have over ten years of experience caring for trees of all sizes for our Salida, Crested Butte, and Gunnison, Colorado customers. Browse this page to learn more about the services we provide.

/ Tree Trimming

Trees can be delicate, bold, and majestic and are surely one of the greatest treasures that nature provides.  When you are looking out at the trees that bless your neighborhood or are gazing at a mountain forest where the trees seem to stretch on and on, you are sure to feel a sense of peace.


Getting started with a tree care plan can seem a bit overwhelming, especially if the trees are very large or densely packed. Johnny Apple Tree Care has ISA Certified Arborists on staff who can create a personalized tree care plan for you, tailored to your needs and desires for the trees. Don’t wait! A tree care plan and site assessment should be one of the first things considered before planting new trees or assessing the health of existing trees. In fact, tree trimming can begin when the trees are young to ensure good structure and less maintenance throughout the lifetime of the tree. Major dead, diseased and rubbing branches should be trimmed out. Periodic tree trimming throughout the life of the tree can allow for healthier growth, better airflow, reduction in the risk of branches breaking and in aesthetically pleasing trees.  This is true when considering solitary trees that are part of a personal landscaping plan as well as with a whole stand of trees or the urban forest.


Tree risk assessment and tree trimming are also extremely important for ensuring that trees continue to thrive and safely coexist with structures and people. Tree branches that grow to overhang structures should be trimmed back to minimize the risk of breaks or damage to structures. Most insurance companies recommend or require this for residential and office buildings. Trees should also be trimmed to avoid power lines and other utility services and any loose or decaying branches that could fall onto property or people should be trimmed or safely removed to reduce risk.  


Many trees, such as fruit and maple trees, have very fast growth rates and need to be trimmed more often, though, fruit trees should be trimmed in the winter time, while maples are best trimmed in the fall, before the leaves drop.  Fruit trees can be trimmed for beauty, health and greater or lesser fruit production, depending on one’s preferences.


Johnny Apple Tree Care’s ISA Certified Arborists have over ten years of experience trimming trees of all sizes including trimming many acres of trees as part of Colorado Forest fire mitigation projects, cleaning up large properties of dense stands of trees, irrigation canals full of cottonwoods, and trimming personal property trees that require technical climbing equipment and skills. We have proudly serviced many of Colorado’s large forests to help reduce the risk of wildfires. We have also efficiently and safely trimmed trees over 60 feet tall, including cottonwoods and conifers, to ensure safe and thriving urban forest for our Salida, Crested Butte, and Gunnison, Colorado customers.


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/ Tree Planting

Trees positively impact our environment by providing ecosystem services, such as absorbing carbon dioxide and producing the oxygen we breathe. Trees also improve general air quality by filtering toxins and other pollutants, they preserve soil, slow down runoff, provide a more pleasant microclimate, reduce heating costs, and support many diverse bird and wildlife. In addition to these tangible benefits, trees are serene and humble to behold and have a positive effect on people’s well-being, as well as having been observed to reduce crime rates. Planting trees is truly an act of kindness to our planet, our neighbors, ourselves and future generations. 


Johnny Apple Tree Care has ISA Certified Arborists on staff with a decade of experience planting and caring for trees and plants of all sizes. We have staff that have planted trees and shrubs as a part of Colorado’s Forestry and land reclamation process. Tree seedlings were planted in major riparian areas (near rivers and streams) and have helped prevent soil erosion, improved Colorado’s water quality and created habitat for keystone species, such as beavers and other wildlife.  Johnny Apple Tree Care is experienced in the assessment of land that has undergone natural disturbance and our Certified Arborists can design a habitat restoration plan using native species that will help restore the surrounding ecosystems.  We can also help recommend fire resistant landscaping.


We have had the pleasure to plant many trees on personal property for our Gunnison, Crested Butte, and Salida customers and would be happy to help you select the right trees for the site and purpose intended and help you decide where your tree can be planted to mature and grow safely. Our professional plan for planting a new tree will include determining the best time to planting it and maintaining it regularly until it reaches maturity. We can plant both small and large trees and shrubs. We have experience planting pine, spruce, aspen, hackberry, choke cherry and birch trees among others.  


Let us help you plant your beautiful trees! Call or email for a free quote at 970-316-0777 or trees@johnnyappletreecare.com


/ Stump Grinding

You may be wondering: What is stump grinding and why do I need it? Won’t the stump of a tree naturally decompose if left alone over time? The answer is yes, usually a tree stump will naturally decompose over time; however, a large tree stump can be unsightly or even become a hazard as fungus and other plants grow around and on top making it difficult to see. Depending on how large a tree is, the stump can take over 20 years to decompose on its own and some tree stumps will send out small branches called “shoots” in an effort to regrow themselves. Sometimes a tree stump is best removed quickly, depending on the species of tree removed, and stump grinding can be a safe and cost-effective way to achieve this.


Stump grinding involves using professional machinery to turn the stump of your tree into wood chips. The grinding process will remove the tree stump itself as well as some of the roots of the tree just below the surface. Stump grinding is noisy and can be dangerous, as stump grinding machinery is heavy and can be difficult to operate and possibly throw rocks. The process also sends woodchips flying in all directions, so a protective barrier is needed to protect people, landscaping, and structures. We always recommend hiring a licensed and insured professional to execute the job. Johnny Apple Tree Care has ISA Certified Arborist and well trained staff who carry the proper insurance and have experience handling heavy machinery and safely grinding stumps in a variety of settings.


In contrast to digging a tree stump up, which generally causes major damage to the area around the stump, grinding a stump causes relatively little damage to the surrounding area. It is also not recommended to dig up a tree stump that is within a few feet of a home or any other structure as it can cause disturbance or damage to the surrounding ground and buildings or change the grading. Stump grinding is safe to perform in most locations that are clear of utilities and can be accomplished any place the equipment can access and be safely operated. Grinding a stump will create a hole in the ground where the tree stump and the roots once were. This hole can be filled with dirt or with a mix of dirt and the wood chips created by grinding the stump.  It’s good practice to leave a mound, as the chips will break down and sink in after the stump grinding. The area can then be sodded, covered with grass, or incorporated into other landscaping.


Stump grinding guarantees that the remains of your tree don’t become a tripping hazard and it prevents any off shoots of the tree from rooting and beginning to grow. If you are removing a diseased or pest covered tree, stump grinding can also be a good way to contain the disease or pests.


Johnny Apple Tree Care has ISA certified arborists on staff who have decades of experience grinding stumps in a variety of settings. We are happy to answer any questions you have about the stump griding process or your specific stump grinding needs. Give us a call today at 970-316-0777 or email trees@johnnyappletreecare.com

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